The mission of Boys Regulating Against violent encounters, is to fight crime in our communities by promoting leadership, mentoring, and a new development to at risk juveniles and their families.
Our purpose is to preserve the lives of disadvantaged youth by offering an opportunity to seek a different atmosphere other than what they’re exposed to in Jacksonville Fl. Brave Kings will offer quarterly trips, workshops, and beneficial activities to help shift the perception of our youth who lack from opportunity.
We are encouraged and established by parents of youth who have lost a loved one due to a violent crime. Tragically here in Duval County there were a total of 72,326 annual arrests toward Juveniles in 2013. There were 832,308 by adults. Duval County also had a total of 42,578 violent crimes in which were committed. Due to these statistics, children are left fatherless, motherless, and hopeless.
In spite of the loss of our loved ones, we are committed to curing broken hearts and it’s starts with our future…our children. We will be advocating for at risk communities, reuniting families, and increasing positive alternatives for life. Presenting positive images with caring accountable individual guidance.
Brave Kings goals are dedicated to lives that may deteriorate due to deficiency of circumstances, and influence.
We welcome you and we are here to embrace you with love to restore local solutions, for local problems, using local services to encourage our youth by believing in their future without violence!

“At the center of non violence stands the principle of love”   ~Dr Martin Luther King Jr.


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All proceeds will go to events workshops field trips and tutoring Brave Kings and Beauties in 2017
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